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All of our products are retort foods, and they are loved for their ease of intake and storage.
Achim Egg Achim Sweet Potato Achim Dried Sweet Potato Achim Sweet Pumpkin Three Types of Chicken Breast Chicken
Breast Sausage Achim Grilled Salmon Steak Achim Porridge Mixed Nut & Sweet Pumpkin
Company Overview
ACHIM Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing healthy convenience foods of livestock, seafood and agricultural in HACCP certified own plant. We have patented a recipe that allows food to be stored at room temperature for 12 months without preservatives. Blocking factors that cause food deterioration is the key to our patented technology. All of our products are retort foods, and they are loved for their ease of intake and storage.
Manufacturing Secret of ACHIM 1_ Secret of Expiration Date_ Aseptic Technology There are two methods of aseptic technology. High-temperatureㆍhigh-pressure steam sterilization and special film packaging to prevent food degeneration. Therefore, freshness lasts for a year at room temperature without preservatives. 2_Secret of Taste_ Water-Free Manufacturing Method We’re not boil the ingredients in the water but steam it without water. So, the juice of the ingredients does not escape and circulates in itself and it makes the food taste better and moist. Key Features of all products of ACHIM (Retort Food) 1. It can be stored at room temperature for 12 months. 
2. Easy to eat right away. No freezing and defrosting. 3. Our products are steamed without water and it makes food taste better.
Achim Egg (Each ofsterilized packing) Korea non-antibiotic Egg 100% Chicken Breast Achim Chicken Breast Salt Free & Smoked & Garlic & Curry
Achim Chicken Breast
Customer Service
ChungHyun Moon +82 10 6609 5582
YeaJi Park +82 70 4907 3867
ACHIM Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Achim co, LTD has been investing considerable amount of fund in hiring outstanding researchers and developing new healthy products since the establishment in 2015. As a result, Achim co, LTD could develop distinguished and original research capability which was obtained by our continuous effort on strengthening research and development facilities and human resource. Retort sterilization manufacturing method , which is a very basis of our manufacturing system, is one of key outcomes of our research. Even today, we try our best to produce healthy and quality products so that not only domestic customers but also customers from the world can enjoy our healthy and delicious products conveniently and happily through having top tier technology in developing the highest quality product
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